New at Elbridge Free Library

More than just books. 

We now have iPad mini and iPad Pro tablets to use in the library.  If you are thinking about purchasing a tablet and want to try one prior to purchasing, stop by the library and try one out.  They are great for surfing the net, downloading books and games, and so much more. 

Have you ever needed a tool to do a quick handy man repair, but didn't want to go out and buy it for one job?  Well, Elbridge Free Library now has tool kits for just that reason.  The kits include basic tools needed to get the job done.

We now have motorized K’nex building sets, Robo-Strike and Robo-Sting.  Be creative as you build motorized creatures while learning basic science, technology, engineering and math concepts. 

For the robotic minded, we have Cubelets.  Cubletes are blocks that combine to build thought-provoking robots.  Use with Lego building blocks  and the options are endless. Be inspired to be a better thinker.